Image by 梓坚 陈 from Pixabay

Originally by Wang Haiying, a Chinese entrepreneur

[Translator’s Note:

I’m going to try not to belabor the backstory behind this piece, because it’s truly a brilliant story from the author and I do think the moral here deserves to be consumed without too much distraction.

Let me just say that this piece wouldn’t have come to my attention, however, if my aunt didn’t get put on a WeChat timeout for sending this to our family group. Since I’m a sucker for reverse psychology, this pretty much ensured that I’d figure out what this article was about. …

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An attempt at making sense of a life, in pieces

My maternal grandfather is eighty-four this year.

He’s in Beijing now, almost a thousand miles from his childhood in Hunan. When he speaks, you can still hear the south in his voice, a hint of fire beneath the slothfulness of age.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen him in person; the last time he visited the States, I was in tenth grade. I imagine that my process of growing up, to him, was probably like watching an animator’s keyframes: less of a continuous process, more a metamorphosis in discrete phases. One day I was curious and eight, the next…

Originally by Mimeng, a web author permabanned for her trouble

Image by joaph on Pixabay

[Translator’s note: This article was originally written by Mimeng, a popular Chinese web author, in January of 2019. Upon publication to Weibo, the piece engendered many discussions among netizens sympathizing with the plight of China’s lower classes as well as questioning the current state of Chinese society.

Needless to say, it was swiftly removed by Internet censors on the grounds of “inciting the people’s antagonistic sentiments” and “promoting negative energy [sic].” At the beginning of February, Mimeng’s account came under a seemingly self-imposed two-month-long moratorium on posts. …

Jeanette Si

I collect stories (and thoughts) that the Great Firewall doesn’t want you to see.

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